Trompe L'Oeil & Murals.


Presenting the Trompe L'Oeil, Murals of award winning artist and author Yves Lanthier.

His Trompe L'oeil & Murals are available hand painted on site or on canvas, they are also offered Giclée on canvas up to 16ft. wide by any length.

Book release: 

The Art Of TROMPE L' OEIL Murals.  





Capture the magic of Trompe L'Oeil!

Ideas and inspiration abound in this exquisite book filled with stunning trompe l'oeil work by Yves Lanthier, master muralist for celebrities and owners of some of the most magnificent private estates in south Florida



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Trompe l'oeil, murals, domes and ceilings, hand painted on flat surfaces creating a three dimensional illusion to fool the eye. 

" Trompe-l'œil " is the Art of tricking one's perception of reality by painting 3 D on a flat wall, creating an illusion fooling the eye; "

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